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IV. Conclusion )
V. Extra )

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a) Sasuke just wants Karin for her abilities! )
b) Whatever, he still stabbed her! Tool or not, that means he didn’t care that much after all! )
c) ...Pft. Even before going dark, Sasuke was always an ass to her! )
d) Sasuke rejected her from the start! )
e) Karin just has the hots for Sasuke and wants to ravage him, it’s nothing but lust and a shallow infatuation! She’s a perv! )
f) Who cares! Karin said she’s over Sasuke, SasuKarin is dead! )
g) So what! Karin is just a fangirl who doesn’t even know Sasuke! )
h) Suigetsu’s comments about SasuKarin are meaningless, he was just doing it to be a jerk! )
i) Whatever! So what?! None of that matters anyway, because Karin and SasuKarin are just comic relief! )
j) Karin was all over Sasuke after a measly apology. What do you say to that, huh!? )
k) Whatever! Sasuke's apology was half-assed and insincere anyway! )
l) So what!? She disgusts him! The face he made on 627 said it all! )
m) I hate it anyway! Going back to Sasuke is a detriment to Karin's character! )
By the way, another thing I noticed that antis loved to bring up is “Karin is in love with Sasuke’s chakra but not with him!” which is based on an anime-only moment, therefore filler, therefore not canon, therefore it’s absolutely meaningless. And I’ve already disproved any variation of it, anyway.

The conclusion after going through all those claims? As you can see, most (if not all) of these are based on misconceptions, generalizations / selective reading, biased opinions—and, lately, also jumping the gun (which is at least more understandable, though not necessarily any more correct) but little to no veracity backs up any of those claims.

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c) Their Rising )

And that’s basically it. It may not look like it due to its length, I actually left a lot of things out since I wanted to focus on pointing out the subtle moments and the meaning behind the major ones, instead of pointing out everything. But here is a list of all the chapters Sasuke and Karin have had any moments or talked in, in case you want to take a look at it. Casually, out of like, 84 chapters that have Taka in them (as of 673), around 53 have SasuKarin in various shapes and forms. And it's worth mentioning that out of those 84, around 14 don't have Karin in them.

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