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Those who know me have probably seen me say that I'm over the never-ending pairing wank that goes down in this fandom, but if there's one misconception that still irks me after all these years, it's this one.

For years I've seen people say that: "there's no way I can ship SasuKarin, it's basically the same thing as SasuSaku or even worse. Liking it while disliking SasuSaku is hypocritical."

And all I can think about is: you haven't even bothered to actually look at SasuKarin, have you?

SasuSaku and SasuKarin are not the same. Their similarities are purely circumstantial (having feelings for him, being the female on his team, nearly dying by his hand). But when it comes to their roots and their substance; to their dynamics, to the things that makes each of these two couples what they are—they are fundamentally different.

I realize that there's no point in saying that without explaining my reasons for thinking as such, so here I'll try to explain what (to me) are some of the biggest differences between them. However, please note that it is just my personal opinion (I'm sure we all find these two couples different for, well, different reasons). And it'll most likely be a long post because I've been holding myself back from addressing this misconception for nearly 4 years now.

But before I get started on my perspective, there's something that I need to address from the get-go. A truth that I've seen being overlooked or outright denied way too often. That is: Sasuke cares about both of them and I say cares because we all know that despite what might have gone down / may still go down from now on, by the end of the manga, Sasuke will have mended his bonds with those dear to him. Kishi is predictable like that, lol.

And both of these girls qualify in that very, very reduced ‘precious people’ list. When it comes to Sakura, Sasuke basically outright admits that he considers Team 7 as his precious people in Chapter 133. When it comes to Karin there are no words to accompany it, sure, but Sasuke still demonstrates it fairly clearly through his actions. I've been over that a thousand times already, so rather than repeating myself I'll just say that one only needs to look at his expressions when he thought he would lose her to know he considers her as such as well.

So, what is it that makes me feel that it’s perfectly valid and not hypocritical in the slightest to strongly advocate for SasuKarin, while having SasuSaku as my most disliked couple in the series? 

I'll break it into four parts:

1. SasuSaku and SasuKarin: An Overview.
    → SasuSaku
    → SasuKarin
2. Each girls' behavior around Sasuke.
    → Sakura
    → Karin
3. Their respective dynamic with Sasuke.
    → a) Team 7 and Team Taka
    → b) ‘Darksuke’: aka, the Kage Summit fiasco
    → c) Sasuke’s behavior towards Sakura and Karin
4. Kishi’s themes and as such, his writing intent.
1. SasuSaku and SasuKarin: An Overview ) b) SasuKarin ) 2. Each girls' behavior around Sasuke ) a) Sakura ) b) Karin ) 3. Their respective dynamic with Sasuke (individually and in Team 7 / Taka) ) a) Team 7 and Team Taka ) b) 'Darksuke': aka, the Kage Summit fiasco ) c) Sasuke's behavior towards Sakura and Karin ) 4. Kishimoto's recurrent themes )

In conclusion: no, I don't feel hypocritical at all when I say I don't like SasuSaku in the slightest but absolutely adore SasuKarin. Neither do I feel like I'm making this distinction is out of bias, because as far as I'm concerned, Kishimoto has written and developed both pairings in fundamentally different ways; and only one of those appeals to me. 

If you actually read this far: thank you, and have a great day! 

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IV. Conclusion )
V. Extra )

If I missed anything that should be added, let me know! You can either comment below or contact me through Naruto Forums or my personal Tumblr, which I linked above.

If you read up to this point: thank you! I hope the manifesto was to your liking. If you would like to comment or return to the manifesto index, just click on the above link ♥ also, if you came across any odd sounding sentence / funky grammar or the likes, my apologies! English is not my native language orz
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a) Sasuke just wants Karin for her abilities! )
b) Whatever, he still stabbed her! Tool or not, that means he didn’t care that much after all! )
c) ...Pft. Even before going dark, Sasuke was always an ass to her! )
d) Sasuke rejected her from the start! )
e) Karin just has the hots for Sasuke and wants to ravage him, it’s nothing but lust and a shallow infatuation! She’s a perv! )
f) Who cares! Karin said she’s over Sasuke, SasuKarin is dead! )
g) So what! Karin is just a fangirl who doesn’t even know Sasuke! )
h) Suigetsu’s comments about SasuKarin are meaningless, he was just doing it to be a jerk! )
i) Whatever! So what?! None of that matters anyway, because Karin and SasuKarin are just comic relief! )
j) Karin was all over Sasuke after a measly apology. What do you say to that, huh!? )
k) Whatever! Sasuke's apology was half-assed and insincere anyway! )
l) So what!? She disgusts him! The face he made on 627 said it all! )
m) I hate it anyway! Going back to Sasuke is a detriment to Karin's character! )
By the way, another thing I noticed that antis loved to bring up is “Karin is in love with Sasuke’s chakra but not with him!” which is based on an anime-only moment, therefore filler, therefore not canon, therefore it’s absolutely meaningless. And I’ve already disproved any variation of it, anyway.

The conclusion after going through all those claims? As you can see, most (if not all) of these are based on misconceptions, generalizations / selective reading, biased opinions—and, lately, also jumping the gun (which is at least more understandable, though not necessarily any more correct) but little to no veracity backs up any of those claims.

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c) Their Rising )

And that’s basically it. It may not look like it due to its length, I actually left a lot of things out since I wanted to focus on pointing out the subtle moments and the meaning behind the major ones, instead of pointing out everything. But here is a list of all the chapters Sasuke and Karin have had any moments or talked in, in case you want to take a look at it. Casually, out of like, 84 chapters that have Taka in them (as of 673), around 53 have SasuKarin in various shapes and forms. And it's worth mentioning that out of those 84, around 14 don't have Karin in them.

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Since I've been writing about SasuKarin since 2007, there is a huge amount of posts scattered across NF. These are some of the ones I've saved across the years:
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