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Originally posted in my livejournal, HERE. -> That version is now outdated.

※ This Manifesto was originally published in august, 2009 and has been updated ever since.

WARNING: This manifesto contains spoilers for the entire manga. And detailed spoilers up to chapter 672. Read at your own discretion. also, it’s pretty lengthy, so you may want to grab some snacks.

A Dangerous Affection

The SasuKarin Manifesto

Unlike all of the most popular pairings, SasuKarin’s introduction does not happen in Part I of the series, but rather in Part II. Which is one of the reasons why some are quick to disregard this couple; but in doing so, they’re missing some vital information. That is: for a potential pairing that was introduced so late into the story, it is one of the top-contenders when it comes to substance—especially because Kishimoto does not only give attention to one side of the bond, but to both of them.

And that’s what makes the difference.

What is this substance I speak of, you may ask? Well, that’s precisely what I want to show you through this. So if you’re curious, please do keep reading! I assure you that once you’re done, you’ll probably see things differently.

Regardless, I want to clarify that while they have gotten mutual development, I'm not claiming their relationship is mutually-romantic in nature; what I am arguing for in this manifesto, is that their bond has all the foundations it needs to naturally step in that direction once they (mainly Sasuke) are ready to (which would be once they have settled the issues they have to work out between themselves due to his betrayal). And also, that the pairing has received a remarkable amount of substance (meaningful moments from both ends, interaction, subtext, focus, backstory, remarks from other characters, etc) that does make it a likely outcome—quite possible the most likely outcome for Sasuke if he is meant to end up with a girl, in fact.

...Or it would have been, if Kishi had actually put some care into it rather than simply handing Sasuke over as a consolation prize. But oh well; it is what it is and we had a good run while it lasted :') Hopefully this manifesto can serve as a reminder of that.

Update: as you may notice, the manifesto no longer contains an Introduction to the characters section. However, you may find a brief bio I made for both of them here.

I- Why SasuKarin?

II- Canonization: aka Kishimoto's writer intent.

III- Common arguments against them: aka misconceptions running rampant.
a) Sasuke just wants her for her abilities!
b) Whatever, he still stabbed her! Tool or not, that means he didn’t care that much after all!
c) Pft. Even before going dark, Sasuke was always an ass to her!
d) Sasuke rejected her from the start!
e) Karin just has the hots for Sasuke and wants to ravage him, it’s nothing but lust and a shallow infatuation! She’s a perv!
f) Who cares! Karin said she’s over Sasuke, SasuKarin is dead!
g) So what! Karin is just a fangirl who doesn’t even know Sasuke!
h) Suigetsu’s comments about SasuKarin are meaningless, he was just doing it to be a jerk!
i) Whatever! So what?! None of that matters anyway, because Karin and SasuKarin are just comic relief!
j) Karin was all over Sasuke after a measly apology. What do you say to that, huh!?
k) Whatever! Sasuke's apology was half-assed and insincere anyway!
l) So what!? She disgusts him! The face he made on 627 said it all!
m) I hate it anyway! Going back to Sasuke is a detriment to Karin's character!

IV- Conclusion; final words: why I support SasuKarin, tying the knots together.
V- Extra: Some helpful links you may want to check out.

I would love to read your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to comment ♥ But please no bashing. Also, comments go on this post please, and not on the other sections; thank you! For your convenience, I'll be linking back to this post at the end of each section~ :D

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